Danilo Thann (Iconic)


CG Male Highborn (Tethyrian) Aristocrate 3, Wizard 9, Bard 3, Spellsinger 1

Items: Bag of Holding IV, 6 potions of cure light wounds, 4 potions of cure moderate wounds, 2 cure serious wounds, 1 potion of neutralize, Scroll of Leomund secret’s chest, masterwork dagger, lesser Harper Pin, the Singing Sword, +2 chainshirt, +1 Rapier

Singing Sword: +2 harmonizing longsword

Danilo owns a +2 harmonizing longsword that was originally enchanted to sing a Turmish battle song to inspire others and negate the magical singing of creatures such as harpies and sirens. Danilo changed the enchantment so that the sword now sings a very ribald ballad about a knight and his enchanted lance. One of the his favorite tricks is to loan the sword to the best fighter in the group (usually someone very strait-laced, such as Elaith) and enjoy the look on his face as he fights horrible creatures while the sword bursts out with several verses of this lurid ditty.

When faced by the public, Danilo acted like a complete fool. He appeared spoiled, shallow, and selfish.3 He spoke with a lazy drawl.10 He was widely known for his miscast spells and for generally causing mayhem.11 However, in truth, his foolishness was all an act that originally enabled him to more easily serve the Harpers in secret.12 In reality, he was a skilled spellcaster and a crafty adversary, being trained by none other than his uncle Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun, who at one point considered Danilo his “probable successor.”13

Danilo was also well versed in subterfuge, disguise, and the manipulation of political and social threads in any given situation. His degree of expertise is as such that when he engaged the crimelord Elaith Craulnober in a verbal sparring match, it ended as a draw.14

Despite his canny intelligence and skill in subterfuge, Danilo was often quite reckless, a fact brought to light through his alternate ego’s naughty pranks and reckless magical experiments. There are times when Danilo completely forgot his other self and fully reverted into the comfortable guise of the fool.10 However, when faced with the truly important, Danilo was always a serious, calculating and very dangerous adversary.

Danilo began studying under the tutelage of his uncle Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun when he was twelve years old and his previous tutor had given up on him.15 It was presumably through Khelben that Danilo first began working secretly for the Harpers.6

Danilo had access to Blackstaff Tower, as he was one of the Blackstaff’s apprentices. In 1361 DR, while talking to Khelben and Laeral Silverhand, Danilo stole a number of gems and Laeral’s ear cuff (granting her teleportation to the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, where her sister Qilue Veladorn dwelt) in order to track the drow Liriel Baenre, whom he had helped previous. However, Sharlarra Vendreth subsequently stole the items from him, preventing him from continuing with his plans; she essentially went in his place.16

In 1361 DR, Danilo was assigned by Khelben Arunsun to find and protect/spy on Arilyn Moonblade, a Harper agent who was somehow involved with the Harper Assassin. In a fortunate accident, Arilyn kidnapped Danilo at knifepoint, forcing him to travel with her to Waterdeep (although he no intentions of escaping). Once there, the pair ran into Elaith Craulnober, who, despite Danilo’s clear distrust of him, aided them in their mission for Arilyn’s sake. Danilo was branded and nearly killed by the Harper Assassin. After seeking more information about Arilyn’s moonblade, the pair determined that Kymil Nimesin was trying to get hold of Arilyn’s moonblade for its elfgate ability to control a portal between Evermeet and Faerûn, and he was in fact behind the Harper Assassin, being able to control the sword’s elfshadow ability. Danilo, Arilyn, and Arilyn’s father, Bran Skorlsun, defeated Kymil and Danilo moved the elfgate from Evereska to Laeral Silverhand’s chambers in Blackstaff Tower. After things had settled down, Bran gave Danilo a Harper pin, not knowing that Danilo was already a secret member. However, Danilo continued to work in secret for the Harpers for a time.6

Danilo Thann (Iconic)

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