Dandaek (Iconic)

A dwarf rogue...don't ask


CN Gear Dwarf Inflitrator 13

Weapon of CHoice: Rapier and Dagger


Rogue for hire and friend to the shadow, Dandaek’s career as a troubleshooter and problem solver began during his youth in Kaladim. Son of a wealthy merchant, Dandaek learned quickly the value of the gold piece and its effect on the inhabitants of Norrath. Trade flourished for his father and stretched fast across the Ocean of Tears and into Antonica. After all, gold knew no difference between race, creed or social standing. The citizens of Kaladim did not always view the world as thus, and word reached his competitors that Dandaek’s family buisness was in the habit of selling wares and trading information to human troll, Teir’Dal, and ogre alike. Shamed and dishonored by greedy rival, his father drunk himself into an early grave, leaving the cloak of his own failure for Dandaek to wear. His fmaily torn asunder by the ruinous secrets, Dandaek left Kaladim in search of his own fortune. The dwarf showed an excellent talent in keeping to the darker corners of the world, for only there could he gather valuable information and pass it on to the highest bidder. If he could not enjoy the fruits of his father’s labor, then he would benefit from the very thing which brought about his downfall. His skill and obsession as an informatio ngather led him to the contiment of Odus, where he crept past the Paineel guards and discover the hidden entrance to the HOle. Paineel was once a city of magnificent beauty and some speculate that the Heretics of Paineel dug too closely to the realm of the Underfoot. The minions of Brell, led by Master Yael, were released and they destroyed all in their path and left behind a ghost town full of untouched. NOt a nook or cranny exists within the Hole that eludes that Dandaek’s keeny eye. Dandaek’s expertise has grown beyond the msyteries of the ruins of old Paineel. His adventures into Kunark’s ost City of mist and Charasis have earned him a reputation as master of his trade. Few locks withstand his delicate touch, and no rumor slips by without his careful consideration. He keeps to the underbelly of society, following the local rumors in hopes of opening up an an endless world full of secrets few in Norrath have witnessed.

Dandaek (Iconic)

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