Daelen Red Tiger (Iconic)

A half orc raised among Uthgardt


Male Half-Orc (???) Barbarian 10, Runscarred Berserker 1
Color: Yellow/Red
Temperament: Supine/Phlegmatic


Strength: 20
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14
Guile: 7
Adroitness: 10
Dexterity: 13
Spirit: 16
Charisma: 8

Weapon of Choice: Double Axe


Red Tiger Double Axe
+2, triple damage on critical hits
Beast worshipers from the isles west of Chult, the Red tigers have proven very resilient to outside pressure, remaining, active while other isolated peoples have disappeared. It is a talent that has served them served them well and even the design of their weaponry seems cross-cultural. While mindful of their origins, they have incorporated, among others, both elven and dwarven ritual reference, a combination that neither group has cared to attempt on their own.

Dwarven Mirth
+1 Buckler, +2 to Charisma

Among the dwarven people, the father of all bards was the Master Talesmith Simeron Steelhammer. well-versed in his people’s history and lore, he traveled extensively, spreading tales of their culture and achievements. Near the end of his long life, he returned one last time to his home in the Great Rife. Frome ever lintel hung a version of this shield, commissioned by his clansmen to commemorate his homecoming.

Armor of the Wold
+3 Leather Armor, +3 to resist shapechange magic, +2 move silently
While tanned wolf hide does not offer the protection of other materials, skilled artisans can infuse these suits with the animal’s spirits. Armor of the wolf is especially prized among the Beast Cults

Brawler’s Belt
Blunt resistance 5
The Dark Moon Sect has a reputation hardiness in the hand-to hand combat they hold annually. Unbeknown to the other monastic orders, the Dark Moon sect has developed this belt which gives their champions an unfair advantage over their opponents

Dragon Slippers
+2 Dexterity, immunity to fear and knockdown.
Feryl Dragonhunter was a monster of a man who, with four kills to his credit, thought he had perfected the art of dragon slaying. He aided his efforts by creating magical equipment from his previous victories, including several different books he mockingly called his dragon slippers. Amazingly, Feryl was not defeated his preffered enemy, but was surprised by a band of goblins on his way to a hunt

Bracers of Dexterity +5

Cloak of Fortification +3
+3 armor bonus, +3 to all saving throws.
After the assassination of the High Selunian Priestess, the church invested some time and money coming up with a way to protect their members against the aggressive followers of Mask. Once the powers of such cloaks became known hwoever, the clerics wearing such cloaks became targets for every thief, mage, and fighter who wanted similar protection. Church officials have been have been singularly unimpressed with the rising violence against Selune’s followers.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power
+2 Strength
While these magical items have been around for thosuands of years, their popularity never seems to decrease. Recently, a party of adventurers out of Calimshan uncovered a vast treasure trove, filled with magic items such as these. The sudden influx of magical gauntlets does not seem to have decreased their value, as every adventurer across the land clamors for the assistance of these useful artifacts.

Watchman’s Helm
Low light (blue, 10 feet), +8 to Listen, search, and spot
It is unclear if these magic headpieces were created by clerics of Helm, god of guardians, or if they acquired their name by more convenient circumstances. Whatever the case, they are highly prized by guards and sentries. All cast a visible glow of one sort or another, and many magically hone the the wearer’s senses. Needless to say, rogues have taken to wearing them, proving the old proverb that ’whats good for the goose is good for the gander"

Ring of the Aquatic Elves +2
+2 to AC, +1 to Defense
A smooth piece of coral has been coaxed and smoothed into the shape of a ring. As aquatic elves wear little clothing or armor, they tend to rely on enchanted jewelry to aid them in times of peace and war.

Ring of Resistance+3
Light once per day, +3 to all saving throws
Confounded by the inability to wear more than two magical rings at once, and desiring the powers of several of his own rings, Jagen Marask, a Turmish noble, researched the combining powers in magical rings. What he was really hoping for was to combine invisibility with teleportation, he eventually had to settle for with this ring, that provided a measure of magical protection with a hand light source. He now sells this rings to finance his ever-growing obsession with more powerful combinations.

Blood Rust Axe
+2 Hand Axe, 50% to inflict slow, Deals 1D6 fire damage to Good creatures
It was the Year of Slaughter, 1090 DR, and countless victims lay slain at the Battle of the Bones. Today the site contains layers of dry white bone, but at the time it was all blood and bile, oozing from each shattered corpse and saturating the fallen equipment. No amount of polishing has ben able to restore any weapon retrieved from that dread place, or even begin to remove the taint acquired there.

Sling of Force
+3 Sling, +2 strength, Mighty +3
A tinker without a sense of proportion, the spunky Gendlesen Barstow worried taht she wasn’t strong enough for the adventuring life, and so built various magical slings to enhance her strength. Although the first were successful, all were stolen from her workbench and eventually scattered across Faerun.

30 Bullets of Screaming
50% chance of inflicting silence, deals 1D4 sonic damage
Many items of this type trace back to Jergain Hammerloud, a celebrated dwarven warrior once know for his bellowing battle cry. He was quite despondant after an injury cost him his voice, so clan priests crafted sling bullets that, as they said “would take his screams straight to them to the enemy” A symbolic gesture, but Jergain enjoyed them so much he used them until the day he happily fell on the battlefield.


Description: This Uthgardt barbarian remains tight-lipped about his reasons for being in Neverwinter. His services as a mercenary are for hire, but only for someone with the right coin and temperament suitable to this honorable half-orc.

In the original campaign, Dealan tells the story of his banishment from the Uthgardt tribe, leading to special item-recovery quests, as all henchmen in original campaign do.

Daelan was one of many adventurers to later answer the call to Waterdeep during the drow attacks in the Hordes of the Underdark campaign. He is one of the NPCs that are a romance option for female PCs, and he can be found in the Hall of Mirrors in Undermountain level 1 central.

He is notable for his use of power attack and knockdown feats.

Personal Quest
In original campaign, Daelan gives the PC an amulet which can be upgraded in chapter 2 and 3. His quests need the items:
Chapter 1: Brooch (found in a chest on a boat in south-western part of Peninsula district)
Chapter 2: Great Axe (found on a dwarf named Gorkan, in Mutamin’s dungeon Level 3)
Chapter 3: Uthgardt Ceremonial spear (given by Zokan in the Uthgardt keep in Fort Illkard’s homesteads, obtainable by killing him or giving the plague cure).

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Grey Orcs

Daelen Red Tiger (Iconic)

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