Cullen (Iconic)

A very troubled Templar who is in love with a Mage


Male Starborn Templar 11(??)


During the Magi Origin, Cullen is the templar assigned to execute the Warden if they were to fail their Harrowing and become an abomination. It is later revealed that he has a crush on a female mage Warden and hated the idea of having to be the one to kill her, but had to put duty first as he states. If the Warden tries to pursue relations with Cullen, he ends up becoming extremely nervous and runs away with the excuse of attending other duties.

Cullen in Dragon Age: Origins
Cullen will be found once again as the last surviving templar in the upper levels of the Circle Tower during the Broken Circle quest. When the Warden meets him trapped inside a magical prison (conjured by Uldred), he tries to dismiss the Warden as another illusion which points out that is how Uldred saw fit to torture the templars he had captured. If the Warden is a female mage, Cullen will reveal his infatuation towards her.
Once Cullen has calmed down, he will try to convince the Warden to kill all the mages in the Harrowing Chamber, not just Uldred and the abominations, as he fears they may be blood mages in hiding. He has come to fear and hate mages due to the torture and deaths of his friends at the hands of Uldred and the abominations.

If the Warden does not side with him, then he will try one last ditch effort to get the mages killed by complaining to Knight-Commander Greagoir, which does nothing as Greagoir values Irving’s word more. When siding with Cullen, the Warden will have the chance to agree with Cullen’s complaint to Greagoir, which in turn even leads Irving to agreeing as well. In this event, the mages are all put under the watch of Cullen until something can be decided to do with them.

There are several rumors about Cullen’s fate after the Fifth Blight, which may be revealed if the Warden was a mage or if they sided with him during the outbreak of abominations in the Circle Tower. If the Warden sided with Cullen, or was a mage who did not grant the Circle Tower autonomy, then the rumors say that Cullen will eventually become Knight-Commander of the Circle Tower after Greagoir retires, watching over the magi with a much more strict and cruel regime than even Greagoir had. If the Warden was a mage and did not side with Cullen, and gives the tower autonomy, the templar endures festering mental scars from his experience in the tower. This leads to an eventual mental breakdown during which he kills three mage apprentices before fleeing. These rumors do not appear to be consistent with Cullen’s later appearance in Dragon Age II.
In Witch Hunt, if the Warden was a female mage, Cullen can be mentioned by gossiping mages at the Tower. They say that, following the events of Broken Circle, he was sent by Greagoir to the chantry at Greenfell until he “leveled out.”
In The Darkspawn Chronicles he will fight alongside Knight-Commander Greagoir, Wynne and a few Templars in the Denerim Market District he must be slain to get access to the Denerim Alienage.

Cullen (Iconic)

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