Chrys'tel' Vel'Sharen (Iconic)

An imperial princess who for all of her arrogance is loyal and wants to unite the Eldar Race


LE/LN Female Ver’Drowendar (House Zala’ess) Vel’Sharen Faeren (Blood Sorcery)
Colors: White/Red
Temperament: Choleric/Melancholic

Charisma: 20
Intelligence: 18
Strength: 7
Constitution: 19
Spirit: 15
Guile: 16
Wisdom: 10
Adroitness: 9
Dexterity: 14

Weapon of choice: some kind of knife


An arrogant and haughty girl, Chrys’tel is never the less extremely loyal and dedicated to remaking the Eldar Empire without the civil strife and internal conflict. She is trying to determine whether or not to support her mother or her city. She is extremely stubborn, and despite being an extremely poor melee fighter, she DOES NOT STAY DOWN!

Personal Quest: Help her reconcile with her twin

Romance: Chrys’tel is confident in every area…except romance where she is entirely nervous, unconfident, and scared. She doesn’t know how to deal with men, and while she is more confident with women, she is FAR more attracted to men.

Death: Dies fighting against a force of Nidraa’chal.

Chrys'tel' Vel'Sharen (Iconic)

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