Cernd (Iconic)

A werewolf Druid who is trying his best to do the right thing


Human Werewolf (Natural) Druid 12, master of Many Forms 7
Color: Green
Temperament: Melancholic/Supione
Romance: None

Starting Items: Cloak of the High Forest, Staff of the Forest
Combat Style: Great Staff

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 9
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 15
Spirit: 16
Adroitness: 14
Guile: 10

Cloak of the High Forest
Nature may have appreciated the intent, she also knows that, for all their dedication, her children can be foolish. Cernd found this cloak before the cold season set in, seemingly woven to fit him from the very undergrowth. The message was clear: He can appreciate the rain while still seeking shelter from it, usable only by him.
AC: +1
Saving throw bonus: +1
Constant Effect: Endure Elements

Staff of the high forest

+2 Greatstaff
Constant effect: Regenerate 1 hit point every 2 rounds
This staff was the culmination of a cycle of seasons in which Cernd meditated on his role within nature. His perch for this personal journey was next to a sapling, a young oak that was a particular interest of study; it seemed odd, and yet somehow wonderfully ordered. At the coming of spring Cernd examined it one last time, and it came loose in his hands, a living staff, granted as boon from nature herself. It has grown to fit his grip, and few others may wield it

Orc Leather +3
10% chance that missile attacks will not work
-1 to Charisma
This ghastly armor was taken from an orc camp destroyed by barbarians. Instead of standard metal rivets, like normal studded leather, this orc leather is instead laced with hundreds of fire hardened bones. Finger bones, ribs, and skulls cover the armor, acting much like the traditional metal rivets. Powerful orcish enchantments give the armor special resistance to missile attacks, but the repulsiveness of the armor reduces the wearers charisma.

Necklace of Form Stability
+5 to all saves against Polymorph
Dydaar’a of the Altered was a witch of great temper who rewarded the slightest insult with harsh punishment. Often this meant several weeks transformed into some form of wild beast, which of course earned her many enemies. It is recorded that she once fought a mage named Maxell who had previously suffered such a fate. For his return he had prepared this necklace, designed to prevent her changing his form, but he could not shield those around him as well. Apparently an impromptu army of farmers-turned-bears eventually overwhelmed him.

Oaken Ring
This ring is fashioned not from gold or precious metal, but from simple oak.
+1 AC against wooden creatures

Ring of Animal Friendship
Charm animal 1/day

Girdle of Fortitude
Description: This girdle greatly increases the wearer’s constitution. King Violos used it when leading an expedition against marsh trolls. He’d been severely sickened the past winter and was no longer the healthy man he once was. The belt gave extra years to his life and inspired his men to renew their confidence in their king once more.
Special Abilities (once per day):
Constitution: set to 18 (lasts for eight hours)

Other Items
Sling +2
20 +2 Bullets 30 normal bullets
Masterwork Club


When asked about his past, Cernd declares in a steady and modest tone that it has been his honor to serve nature in whatever capacity she did call upon him. It is clear that he is a dedicated servant, and though his demeanor is contemplative and well measured, you are certain that he would not hesitate to risk himself if it would best serve the greater balance. He tends to speak in pseudo philosophical “sayings” which he doesn’t seem to understand, mixing and matching to suit his point.

Recruitment: He wants to solve the problems with animals attacking a local area

Friendship: You gain his friendship through having a calm passive attitude and seeing the world in an accepting the way around you. Appreciation for nature, a adedication to one’s work, and emotional self control go a long way with him.

Rivalry: Intensity, emotional intensity, and not being a Daoist. Any extreme AL is a problem.

Likes: Nature, Animals, druids, and a “Live and Let Live” Attitude

Dislikes: Cruelty, industrialism, and moral absolutism.

Personal Quest: He wants to come to meet with his estranged son

Death: Dies fighting against a Shadow Fiend

Cernd (Iconic)

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