Carth Onasi (Iconic)

A Republican Solider disillusioned at his mentor


NG Male Solider 13, Fringer 2


Strength: 13
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 12
Spirit: 10
Guile: 12
Adroitness: 15

Weapon style: Half Sword and Long Knife


“I’m just a soldier; I go where the fleet Admirals tell me to. I follow my orders and I do my duty.”
―Carth Onasi[src]
Onasi, wearing his signature orange jacket
Carth Onasi’s foremost trait was his loyalty, a dedication to the Republic and its ideals he held above everything else. A very close second was his family, who were “everything” to him. Even four years after being widowed by the Telos bombing, he was still unable to let go of his wife’s memory, something he continued to cherish.2 Years later, he faithfully followed Revan’s orders to serve the Republic, even though he had not heard anything from Revan since their adventure years before.35
Because his loyalty towards Saul Karath was answered by such devastating betrayal, he had begun to expect the worst from everyone.15 It was only with great patience on Revan’s part that he was able to gain Onasi’s trust. In the end, Revan proved to be Onasi’s ultimate test. He had little choice but to trust the very person he blamed above even Saul for the destruction of Telos and the troubles of his beloved Republic. When Revan made the final choice to turn away from the dark side, no one was happier to hear it than Onasi.2

After the destruction of Telos, Onasi believed he had nothing left and devoted himself to the fleet, claiming that “Hunting Saul was my only purpose.” However, after killing his nemesis, Onasi found that he was still not at peace with himself and his past.25 Even when he discovered his companion’s true identity as Revan, he found himself unable to hate him, taking it upon himself to act as Revan’s conscience and as the voice of the Republic. This forgiveness was, in the end, that which brought him peace.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Twilight Adepts.

Carth Onasi (Iconic)

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