Blaine (Iconic)

A stoutly Built Rover who will none the less join up to protect his country.


Male CN Highborn (Rover) Acrobat (Juggler)
Color: Red

Dexterity: 19
Adroitness: 18
Charisma: 17
Wisdom: 16
Spirit: 8
Intelligence: 9
Strength: 12
Constitution: 10
Guile: 10

Weapon of Choice: Long Sword and hand Axe


Join: Will join the party if his performance is paid in full.

A juggler by trade, Blaine is clever, charming, and fun, though he has a legendary quick temper and is extremely proud. He does not tolerate any insult to his person, nor his people, and is also notably quite sexist. He is highly patriotic and brave however, and will do what ever he can to serve his country. Despite being a Rover, he considers Britannia to be his home, and has gotten into many fights with his own people over loyality to Lord British

Death: Dies fighting against a Allaporian Giant

Blaine (Iconic)

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