Black Whirlwind

A drunken Mercenary who kills things.....and they fall down


Male Highborn (Bear Clan) ???


Maker’s Bane was forged from a falling star that tore from the heavens as the Celestial Dragon shaped the world. The loss of life resulting from its use is thoroughly predictable.

Placid Guiju is a sepulcher for the God of Agricultural Poetry. Guiju of Words and Land transformed into a plowshare to aid the workers of the Golden Delta, but was trapped when the farmers remade their tools into weapons to repel invading Horselords. Pounding plowshare to sword might have held ironic appeal, but being an axe causes injury to Guiju’s poetic sensibilities. The effectiveness of this blade is agony for his gentle spirit, an insult that will eventually destroy him and strip “field verse” from the Lexicon of the Ages. It also makes the wielder slightly giddy.

Both are +4 Axes, Maker’s Bane Inflicts bleeding, while Placid Guiju drains fortitude. Both can hurt spirits normally

Essence Gems

Gem of Black Flame
+3 to WIll Saves, +1 to Spirit
Fury and rage will render a warrior helpless unless directed and turned to a purpose. This gem channels infuses the wearer’s mind and spirit with the flame of their anger, burning away weakness until only strength remains."


Age: unknown
Attack form: The Twins
Support form: None
The Black Whirlwind was a mercenary formerly hired by Lord Yun who joined the player as a follower.Black Whirlwind grew up in an abusive household until he killed his father. After his father’s death his mother kicked him out onto the streets. He was once a champion at the Imperial Arena but left shortly after his brother Raging Ox’s death. The Black Whirlwind is a brawler of legendary stature, although the legends dwell as much on his drunken stupidity as his skill in combat. He is rude, crude, and thickheaded, so much so that he has simply no understanding of what he can and cannot do. While he is an absolute disaster at anything diplomatic, if someone is needed to survive a suicidal battle against overwhelming odds, the Black Whirlwind is the man for the job.

The player meets The Black Whirlwind at the temple in the Great Southern Forest during the quest The Sickened Forest.

Personal Quest: He needs to kill some assassin sent to put him down

Death: Dies fighting a group of jade Golems

Black Whirlwind

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