Beh Lem (Iconic)

A young Gargoyle who wishes to understand human languages, trying to act as an advocate for his people.


LN Winged Gargoyle Initiate 13
Color: White/Blue
Temperament: Supine/Phlegmatic


Intelligence: 16
Spirit: 14
Constitution: 8
Wisdom: 18
Guile: 9
Strength: 13
Adroitness: 11
Dexterity: 12

Weapon of Choice: Boomerang

Items: Balron Boomerang*, Gargoyle Belt*

Balron Boomerang
+4 returning boomerang

There and back again. These magical boomerangs are to the gargoyle race as the magical sword it to human warriors. Their most common weapon, boomerangs have the amazing ability to pass through walls and other solid objects and still return to the thrower. Excellent for hunting in the mountains. During the Gargoyle War, the gargoyles realized that their normal boomerangs weren’t powerful enough to do any real damage. Thus, they developed the magic boomerang, which is more precise and can even fly through walls. Although, these weapons were not introduced to the battlefield, after the Avatar ended the war, by the time of the Fellowship, the weapon had been nearly forgotten, with even the gargoyles themselves having lost interest in it. Only a few magic boomerangs still exist.

Gargoyle Belt
+1 Kidney Belt, that is +2 when flying

Ring of Flesh healing: 1/day can cast regeneration

Ring of Invisibility: Invisibility 1/day


A young Gargoyle who has a deep set fascination with the surface cultures, specifically their language, which he wishes to master and understand. He is from a good family and so he tries to hide his studies, saying he is simply traveling on the surface for alchemist resources, while instead he wants to learn their languages. Sadly, he is not well suited to the surface, much preferring to simply study languages on his own.

Joining the Party: He will join any party provided they are willing to teach him surface languages, and he will traveling around as long as they keep teaching them.

Death: Dies fighting against a Crystal Spiders

Beh Lem (Iconic)

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