Bastila Shan (Iconic)

A master of the Light Side


LN Female Human (???) Guru (Twilight) 9
Romance: yes
Side: Twilight
Color: White/Black

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 15
Spirit: 12
Adroitness: 10
Guile: 15

weapon of choice: Dire Glaive


“Bastila was strong, but she was always impatient and headstrong. Malak preyed upon her weaknesses.”
―Jolee Bindo[src]

Romance: yes (Male only)

Shan possessed many qualities that set her apart from her peers and destined her for greatness, but these same traits and the inexperience of her youth set her down the path that would eventually lead to her fall.1
Brash, impulsive, and somewhat overconfident (due in no small part to the rare gift that was her battle meditation), Shan acted as though she were unstoppable, though she was constantly aware of the responsibility resting on her. Despite the warnings of her masters, Shan continually sought to prove her worth by devoting herself to defeating the Sith.13

Shan’s relations with the Jedi Council and the Jedi Code were complicated. During the Mandalorian Wars, she trusted the Council’s wisdom, rejecting Malak’s proposal to join the fight—and years later, when the Jedi Civil War was at its culmination, she still believed it was the right decision. Nevertheless, she thought the Jedi Masters were self-absorbed and stodgy—and in her youth, she swore to herself that she would never adopt these traits. Although much to her own chagrin, she felt she was becoming more like the Jedi Masters in her adulthood, and because of this, she strived to change and become more understanding and compassionate towards others. Shan initially thought the Council intended to use the quest for the Star Forge to test her abilities and determine if she was worthy of the rank of Jedi Master—only to discover that she was, in the end, far from it.3

Shan tried to follow the Jedi Code as strictly as possible, to the point of expressing even more radical views than some Jedi Masters—she believed that no one deserved death without a chance of redemption, a belief that would later result in Revan’s return to the light side. However, she was not always able to suppress her emotions, and sometimes disregarded the very idea that love should be outlawed among the Jedi.3

Seeing Revan, once the Dark Lord of the Sith, maintain the path of the light apparently without any trouble or internal struggles made her question her own devotion to the Jedi Code, even though she and Revan agreed to prevent each other from diverging from that course—and the development of this self-doubt later played no small part in her eventual downfall to what she feared most: the dark side.3

Bastila’s redemption saw a change in her personality as a Jedi. Instead of living a life of non-attachment and controlling emotions, Bastila took on a much grayer way of thinking, which led to a deteroration of her relationship with the Jedi Council. Along with Revan, Bastila saw that positive emotions such as love and happiness actually strengthened a Jedi’s connection to the Force and helped them battle the dark side rather than increasing the risk of falling. She was also very defensive of Revan towards the Council. In fact, by the time Bastila learned of her husband’s capture by the true Sith, she had come to believe that the members of the Council were ignorant, and wrong more often than they were right.2

Personal Quest: Follow her as she falls, returns to light, then changes to twilight

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Dark Side Guru

Bastila Shan (Iconic)

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