Barkspawn the Dog (Iconic)

A loyal Mabari Hound


Male Mabari Hound Fight Captain (Warmonger) 15
AL: Neutral

Weapon of Choice: Fanges, Claws, Cap spike

Note: Can only equip the following

Items: (Can wear up to 3 sets of war paint, unlike humans who can only wear 1)

Pure Bitch Braid
+4 to attack, +4 to AC

Trademark of The Line, an ancient monastic order dedicated to preserving a purebred strain of mabari. There have been four “Pure Bitch” designations during the last century, legendary hounds each.

Swiftrunner Warpaint
+4 Damage vs. beasts, +2 Dex, +2 to Damage
This dates back to the Black Age, and supposedly brings luck when fighting beasts.

Warpaint of the West
+5 to Defense
Often used by knights in the lands where Chasind and Avvar attacks are common.

Kaddis of the King’s Hound
Nature Resistance 10

These designs date back to King Calenhad, and are often used by the royal army.


Other Dogs in the Game

Worthless Mutt (Arcanum): This dog somehow has 25 levels in fighter…nobody knows why

Dogmeat (Fallout): A seriously bad ass dog

Pariah Dog: The most unlucky creature in the entire world

K-9: A golem dog

Robo dog (Rabbit)- A Warfoge Dog

Rex: An undead dog

Barkspawn the Dog (Iconic)

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