A shifter wizard who is really sick of the fucking racism


CN female Shifter Wizard 6, Prestige Class 1
God: Aureon

Weapon of Choice: short spear


The Shifter Baristi grew up with a love of knowledge and a thirst for information. She grew up in the Eldeen Reaches and then was apprenticed to a visiting wizard from Aundair who had adventured with her father many years before. Both the Wizard and Baristi’s father had recogonized the powerful curiosity and intellect that Baristi possesse, and though the young girl was nervous about leaving home, she was also excited about the prospect of learning and perhaps becoming a wizard in her own right. Her mentor took her on his travels and together they visisted the Great Library in Korranberg, the Arcane Tower in Sharn, the Wizard Enclave in Aundair, and the Hall of Arcane STudies in Karrnath, among other sites. When Baristi masterd the tests and was recognized as a true Wizard, her mentor presented her with his staff. “As my menotr gave this to me, I bequeath this arcane focus to you”. Now Baristi travels the world on her own, occasionally joining an adventuring company or research group, but more often living on her own as she continues to study and learn.

Personal Quest: Help her gain access to the higher levels of knowledge in the Sharn Tower

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Still born


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