Azula (Iconic)

My favorite character


NE Female Highborn (Lighting Clan) Firebender 21, Lightning Bender 6
Color: Black


Strength: 10
Dexterity: 21
Intelligence: 18
Guile: 15
Leadership: 21
Charisma: 4
Constitution: 11
Spirit: 14 (Boosted)
Adroitness: 17
Wisdom: 16

Weapon of choice: Chinese Dagger

Azula is possible the most powerful firebender there, particulary in terms of raw attack. She hits harder than any other firebender you can get, her fire can overcome most defenses, including magic, and she is extremely accurate. To top it off she moves extremely fast, has a ton of action points, and is almost impossible to hit, and her LIghtning Bending powers means that she can inflict long term damage on enemies. Basically when it comes to concencrated bursts of damage, Azula is the best you can hope for, and she can dodge most attacks whatsmore. Her high leadership makes her morale extremely high and she can rally herself well in combat. She also has some interactions where he guile can help out.

Disadvantages: Azula’s Leadership is fantastic but her Charisma…not so much. She is quite possible the single most disruptive party member you can aquire and without constant supervision she will wind up killing some of your PCs. The fact that nobody likes her means that she won’t do combos with anybody who isn’t Ty Lee, and her disagreeably means that she will undermine social situations. Beyond that while her Spirit is powerful enough, if she breaks, she breaks hard and starts shooting fire irradically. Finally while Azula hits like a tank and can dodge almost all attacks, she can’t take hits very well even with her armor a few hits can knock her down.


Azula (Iconic)

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