Azm (Iconic)

A warforge who is seeking a purpose in life


N “Male” Warforge Fighter 6, Spellcarved Soliders 3
Color: Green


Strength: 18
Constitution: 21
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 8
Guile: 8
Spirit: 10
Adroitness: 7


Crafted during the Final years of the Last War by artificers of House Cannith, Azm was commissioned by the Breland militia. For a year, Azm fought alongside Brelish troops and earned great distinction-at least as great as any army would award to a warforged. After teh war, the warforged went to Sharn in search of his creator, the dwarf artificer Thondred. Thondred gave Azm his name, and the two put their skills to use as adventures in the City of Towers. They eventually teamed up with another pair of adventures and formed an adventuring company. Thondred convinced the company that they could earn a fortune by exploring the secret continent of Xen’drik- a place where Thondred had spent a little time in the past and always hoped to return to in seach of knowledge he could apply to his arificer experiments. Their exploits in Xen’Drik have brought Azm and his fellow adventures great wealth and more than a bit of notoriety. Azm, has learned that he can embed magic items into his body. He has discovered ancient items in Xen’drik that seems designed to attach to his immense frame, a discovery that suggests that something like the modern warforged existed in Xen’drik in the ancient past. Learning more about these ancient constructs has beome an obession for the mighty warforged fighter.

Personal Quest: Find his creation documents

Death: Dies fighting against a Warforge Tyrant

Azm (Iconic)

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