Arrialla (Iconic)

An enchantress who wants to help the common people


LG female Koada’Dal Enchanterf 13

Weapon of Choice: Serpant Staff


Fair of head and heart, Arrialla’s birth brought great joy to her family and the people of Felwithe. Born within the comfort of noble privilege, she thrived on the vast wealth of magical knowledge available to the Koada’Dal. Following in the family tradition, she delved into the quiet peaceful studies available to her through the temple of Tunare. Great was her ambition to serve as an instrument of light. However, as the wrld opened up around her, so did the sorrow of reality well within her young spirit. Outings beyond Felwithe only brought unrest to the young high elf. Poverty and hunger were mere concepts drawn from a book for her and the sight of suffering stirred something within her that begged to be recognized. Tunare’s teaching offered no comfort, and even the strong words of her brother-paladin and sworn protector of the temple-did little to enlighten her. Ignoring the blind religious devotion so popular within the Felwithe, Arrialla sought to explore the greater good within all, yet she lacked teh mean to know the truth of the world. The Craftkeepers- in their vigilant desire to uncover the heart of all knowledge-took notice of Arrialla in her quite torment, and before long they offered her more than the sparkling fish-filled pools of her youth. Then the disappearance of her brother some years later served as a call to adventure. She left the sanctuary of a warm meal and a soft bed behind and ventured forth into the world of Norrath. Experimenting with the for-altering illusions of her newfound craft, he lived among the other race for long periods of time. Embedding herself firmly within cultures around her. Arrialla sought growth through empathic experience. however, each new experience only confirmed how truely sheltered and naive her upbringing had made her. Her lesson was clear: None were beyond redemption or incapable of goodness if they were given ample opportunity in choose right over wrong. In Felwithe, her status as a comppassionate and noble grew to new heights-a platitudinous status she choose to reject as empty of any real concern for others. From cherub to phantasmist to philospher-activist, she now seeks nothing less than divine omniscience, through the clarity of great enchantment so that she might see the path for all Norrath’s salvation and safety.


Arrialla had been following the stranger for the better part of the day. Her curiosity was widely known among her friends for getting her into trouble, yet there was something alluring about this figure that had walked through the Lesser Faydark aloen and without fear. Arrialla herelf had grown vastly in skill over the decades and with this skill came the realization that Norrath, for all its size, was not so huge. Yet to this day, even she walked with great care through the old forest; beings lingered within that were older than her, older than her people, older than the trees…perhaps older than time. Always, Arrialla carried with her a sense of wonder. The fearless stranger had appeared near Steamfont Mountains. At first, Arrialla made her own way and the stranger his but over the course of a week she ahd crossed path with him on at least three occassions and always he walked with a notable sense of purpose. Though she had taken great pains to hide the fact that she was now following him, Arrialla was certain that the stranger knew of her presence. He did not falter, he did not stop. He kept moving, night and day, taking no rest hailing no travelers. Arrialla, accustomed to some rest, became more obsessed with the stranger until she was forced to take on the form of an air elemental just to keep up with him. As they neared her home city of Felwithe, Arrialla grew nervous. The man, covered in a simple gray cloak and stopping for no mortal functions as far as she could discern, plodded ahead without word, his gaze fixed forward. His purpose was increasing concern within the Koada’Dal and just as she had finally mustered the courage to confront the stranger, resuming her own fomr, he suddenly stopped. Arrialla froze in her tracks. Then, just a few steps off the path a short distance from Felwithe’s gate, stood one of the Books of Knowledge. These books had been a gift given to mortal world many decades ago, when the higher planes were first breached. In actuality the ’Book" was a carven image of an open tome placed upon a marble stand. Yet those of sufficient power who read its inscription were magically transport to an otherworld called the PLane of Knowledge, created by the gods themselves (or so it was assumed). Norrath, at least according to Arrialla, had benefited greatly from the Books. She and others of her opinion hailed the opening of the planes as a new dawn of mutual prosperity. Libraries, leaning halls, and guild house came to thrive within the PLane of Knowledge. Any and all races were allowed within (although codes of peace were strictly enforced). Morover, withi the Plane of Knowledge were more Books, which led in turn to other lands on Norrath, thus making travel between the cities much more convenient (for non casters at least.) There were some however, who saw the Books as an ill omen; such people placing themselves closer to the gods would inevitability lead to a fall of epic proportions. The stranger approached the Book and rested his glove-covered hands upon it. Arrialla signed in relief, realizing what the stranger only wished was to travel beyond the forest. Her relief, however, turned quickly to shock as the stranger grasped the top portion of the small monument and effortlessly tore the device-which was thought to e indestructible-from its stone base. The wind immediately began to blow, and the sky grew dark. The figure turned to Arrialla, his eyes now glowing pale blue in the deep gloom of the glade. HOlding the stone book in his hands, he promptly vanished. Perhaps even more disconcerted to Arrialla was in the fact as he disappeared, she could seen no trace of the energy aura that always accompanied spellcasting. Arrialla stepped to the broken marble base and knelt beside it. Her gaze was drawn to the skies, now raging with thunder and lightning. “Perhaps the gods have indeed slapped the hands of some meddlesome planar explorers” she wondered “Can the inevitable fall be far behind?”

Arrialla (Iconic)

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