Arilyn Moonblade (Iconic)


CG Female Half Moon Elf Rogue 2, Ranger 1, Fighter 4, Harper Scout 5

Items: Masterwork Dagger, Masterwork composite short, 10 arrow, masterwork light crowwsbow 10 bolts, 1 spidersilk rope, lesser Harper pin, flask of acid Arilyn’s Moonblade, Silver Ring of protection 2 (3 against vampires), Rely Panpipes, +1 Chain Shirt

This works as a +2 warning longsword of speed (CG)

Lesser Powers: Disguise self 3/day, detect Hostile intent (Glowing), silent humming (if somebody is lying), Dreamwarning (if being scried), Blur 3/day

Greater Powers; Immune to fire (as long as the blade is within 60 feet) gate control (open, close, or relocate any portal created by an elf on Faerun and Evermeet. Elfshadow- Can summon a greater shadow to fight for you 1/day


Arilyn was the daughter of Princess Amnestria of Evermeet and the human ranger and Harper Bran Skorlsun. Before Arilyn’s birth, Amnestria left Evermeet in disgrace and settled in Evereska to raise Arilyn alone, taking the name Z’beryl. A skilled warrior-mage and teacher at the College of Magic and Arms in Evereska, Z’beryl/Amnestria was nevertheless killed by common thugs when Arilyn was less that 15 years old.1 The family moonblade was then passed on to Arilyn; however, it had been dismantled and the moonstone (which had been entrusted to Bran as “punishment”15) had been replaced with topaz. Arilyn did not know anything of her royal parentage.1617

Arilyn later adopted her surname, Moonblade, from her sword. For the next decade or so, she studied swordsmanship under the tutelage of Kymil Nimesin, one of the teachers for the academy in the city. She became an assassin and adventured with the Hammerfell Seven band during the Time of Troubles; she was the only survivor of the mage’s miscast fireball. She later began working as an agent for the Harpers, officially joining the organization in late 1361 DR.11 She was a Harper for a while, but left them after undertaking a rescue mission for Isabeau Thionne, a noblewoman from Tethyr, whom she considered not to be worth rescuing.[citation needed]

In 1361 DR, Arilyn was working for the Harpers when news spread of the Harper Assassin, who seemed to following her. Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun sent his nephew and secret Harper Danilo Thann after her to both protect her and spy on her in order to find the assassin. In the meantime, Bran Skorlsun (Arilyn’s father) was trailing her in order to kill her, believing that Arilyn herself was in fact the Harper Assassin.11

Danilo found Arilyn (or rather, Arilyn found Danilo by taking him hostage) at the Halfway Inn near Evereska and they traveled together to Waterdeep, where Arilyn ran into Elaith Craulnobur and solicited his help. That night, Danilo was attacked by the Harper Assassin but saved by Arilyn. The two sought more information from Khelben Arunsun, who had them consult with sages in Candlekeep about Arilyn’s moonblade. Arilyn learned about her heritage and the powers of her sword. Eventually, it was determined that the Harper Assassin was the moonblade’s elfshadow ability being controlled by Arilyn’s old tutor Kymil Nimesin, who sought to obtain the moonblade for its elfgate ability that would open a portal to Evermeet, allowing him to take over the elven island. With the help of Bran and Danilo, Arilyn restored her sword and defeated Kymil. The portal was moved to Blackstaff Tower and Arilyn was granted a Harper pin by her father, who pledged to stay in touch

Dar-Hadan was a mage who wielded the moonblade. He was the one to imbue the sword with a warning glow.10

Dar-Hadan’s daughter Zoastria wielded the moonblade. In 867 DR, it was recorded by Ventish of Somlar that she was searching for her twin sister Somalee, who had vanished on a voyage at sea, and that she often used the moonblade’s elfshadow ability.15

The moonblade then passed to Xenaphor, the oldest child of Zoastria’s youngest brother. Xenaphor was once attacked by a red dragon; it was he who made the moonblade confer immunity to fire on the wielder.16

Thasitalia was a solitary adventurer, so she gave the sword its dreamwarning ability. She was Arilyn’s great-aunt and passed the moonblade to Amnestria.10

Amnestria inherited the moonblade from Thasitalia, who had been away from Evermeet.17 Amnestria fell in love with a human, Bran Skorlsun, and bore his child (Arilyn). She imbued the sword with the elfgate ability to control a portal between Evermeet and Faerûn in an attempt to “unconsciously” combine her two worlds. The elves had moonblade dismantled; Amnestria carried the sword into exile and Bran was forced to carry the moonstone so that they could never meet each other again.2

In 1361 DR, Kymil Nimesin attempted to obtain the moonblade for its elfgate ability in order to take over Evermeet. He gained control over the sword’s elfshadow ability, creating the Harper Assassin that mysteriously killed people around Arilyn. The moonblade was restored and the portal opened. However, Arilyn arrived in time to defeat Kymil and Danilo Thann was able to move the portal to a safer location (Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep).18

Arilyn Moonblade (Iconic)

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