Aramil (iconic)

who is he


Appearance Aramil stands of average height for an elf, and has a thin build. He is fair of both hair and complextion, though his eyes are a riveting shade as green as the forest he was raised in. He tends to wear a long coat, of his own crafting, that has a color changing, camoflauge like effect that helps him blend into most surroundings. Under the coat his clothes are usually of earthy tones such as brown or green. He carries what appears to be a rather plain walking stick, but any who have seen him wield it with force know it is much more than it seems.
Personality Aramil is often seen as cold and aloof, even by some of his own people. In truth, he cares a great deal for the world around him, and learns as much as he can about the various cultures around the land. He does have a dislike of violence and brutality, though he is not afraid to fight, nor is he is afraid to do what some may consider evil, if need be, to accomplish a greater goal. But in the end, magic is his first and only love. He needs no other. Not woman, or family, or his own people.
History Born and raised among the tree villages of Darya, Aramil was raised as most elves. Schooled by elder instructors, Aramil learned much about nature and history, weaapons and magic, the gods and other races. He learned early that he had his people’s gift of marksmanship, be it with an arrow or a knife. He didn’t do so well in the melee lesons, having neither the strength nor the desire to learn such skills. His talents lay in the arts of magic.

He exceled at his studies in mystic matters, his mind feeding fiercely off such knowledge. When he came of age and was given the choice to follow his own studies, he chose to continue in the field of magic. Aramil learned much, but he realized that it would never be enough. He was filled with a burning desire to always learn more, and so he left his people and their maddeningly complacent forest world behind.

In his 532 years, he has traveled the length and breadth of the known world, save Karash of course. He has learned much from the various cultures of humans, and has come to consider himself more one of them than his own kin. But in the end, they are still humans though, and live short hectic lives. How could one ever come to truly know one another in such a short time? Aramil has made his share of friends and enemies during hiw wanderings, and some people who he isn’t sure what to think of. He has consorted with both heroes and villians, having been both himself at times as well.

Throughout his travels he has always sought knowledge, both common and magical. His skills of magic have far surpassed most he has ever met, though he consistantly reminds himself that there is alwasy someone better. With that in mind, he keeps his skills sharp, and is always watchful for anything new that may become useful. He has crafted several spells of his own, such as a form of teleportation that allows for more than one person by opening a portal, a spell that allows one to learn another’s spell immediately just by watching it cast, and a spell that allows one to literally ride the wind.

Aramil (iconic)

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