Anum-Le the Swamp Knight (IConic)


CN Argonian Fighter 16

Weapon of Choice: Mace and short Sword


A cynical, bitter, and sarcastic Ranger, Anum-la is very much a rustic, growing up in the sticks even by the standards of the Black Marsh, the local sexism prevented her from advancing in the military despite being the most skilled. She eventually hoped to prove herself by traveling to the deepest swamps, but almost died. But she eventually able to learn. A member of the honorable 8, the elite sellsword company was hired for special jobs. One time though, they mistooke a band of immigrant mourners for necromancers and slew them all, due to being hired for false pretenses. The ghost of one of the boys followed her and still follows her, trying to get her to do good.

Anum-Le the Swamp Knight (IConic)

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