Anomen Delryn (Iconic)

A young cleric who is trying to become a knight


Male Human Fighter 9, Cleric 8, Hospitalor 3
AL: LN (Later LG or CN)
Color: Yellow/White
Temperament: Choleric/Supine
God: Helm
Organization: Most Noble Organization of the Radiant Heart, and the Disciples of Amonem
Romance: Yes, any non evil women


Strength: 21
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 13
Guile: 11
Adroitness: 14
Spirit: 9

Weapon style: 5-headed Flail and Medium Shield

Personal Item: Delryn Family Shield (+2 AC, Fire/Cold Resistance 30%, Protection from Missiles on bearer 3/days


When asked about his past, Anomen is quick to state that he has been serving the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart for years, and after his Test he will be a full and true knight. Anomen is reluctant, however, to speak of his noble upbringing, saying only that he entered the Order without the support of his father, Lord Cor Delryn. Since he could not be sponsored as a squire, Anomen chose the route of the warrior and priest of Helm, the god of guardians, and has fought many battles over the years against forces of evil. Anomen often says that he is confident that he will prove worthy of his knighthood, but sometimes seems to be trying to convince himself of the fact more than anyone. Anomen Delryn, a native of Athkatla, is the son of Lord Cor and Lady Moirala Delryn, and has a younger sister, Moira. At the beginning of Shadows of Amn, his mother is deceased and he is estranged from his father. Some years earlier, Anomen’s ambition to become a paladin of Helm was denied when his father, wanting his son to join him in the family merchant business, refused to sponsor him for knighthood. So instead Anomen chose to train as a warrior-priest of Helm, and seeks his knighthood through the sponsorship of the Church of Helm. When he joins the player party he is a squire in the Most Noble of Order of the Radiant Heart, and will soon be facing his knighthood trial.
Anomen’s initial vain, arrogant and overconfident behavior toward the player and other party members is soon shown to conceal deep self-doubts, highlighted when Anomen receives word that his sister Moira has been murdered. When he returns home to his alcoholic and abusive father, Lord Cor demands that Anomen take revenge on the business rival he believes to be responsible for Moira’s death. Torn between familial duty and what he has been taught as a priest of Helm, he turns to the player for advice. Whether the player counsels him to seek revenge or to leave the murder investigation to the authorities will determine whether Anomen succeeds or fails in his knighthood quest later in the game.

The outcome of Anomen’s knighthood quest has ramifications for his relationships with other party members, arguably having the most effect on his interactions with the paladin Keldorn Firecam, a highly respected senior member of the Order of the Radiant Heart. As a squire, Anomen’s relationship with Sir Keldorn is strained, but not unfriendly. If Anomen becomes a knight they are much more cordial, and Anomen apologizes to Keldorn for his previous boorish behavior. In contrast, if he fails to become a knight his erratic behavior can cause him to come to blows with both Keldorn and the elven cleric/mage, Aerie.

A female player character can begin a romance with Anomen, which will continue regardless of the outcome of his knighthood trial. However, an active romance with the player character results in another challenge for Anomen sometime after his trial. Anomen receives information that suggests that the decision he made regarding Moira’s death to seek revenge or not was incorrect, resulting in a crisis of faith in himself and his relationship with the player character. To continue the romance—or even to just keep Anomen as an available party member—the player character must help him overcome his grief and self-doubt.

Disciples of Anomen: An organization created to fight Imperalism.

Join the party: He joins at a local inn as longs the party has a reputation of at least 8, Fame or Infamy non withstanding

Romance: He will romance any female who isn’t evil and expresses interest, where it is revealed that he is extremely insecure and needs help understanding people. If they support him, he will become less arrogant and calm the fuck down.

Personal Quest: His sister is kidnapped and killed, and his father wants him to slaughter the killer. They will defeat the killer’s band, but he will surrender, and his Knightly test depends on whether he kills him or sends him to jail

Death: He dies fighting against a Marilith

Anomen Delryn (Iconic)

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