Akaavi Spar (Iconic)


LE Female Zabrak Fighter 14

weapon of choice: Dire Sword


Miliary Gear
Imperial Memorabilia
Republic Memorabilia
Underworld Goods
*Only after a point in companion story with a male Smuggler.
Combat challenges, profit, irritating authority figures
The Republic, dishonorable acts, mercy

Akaavi Spar was born into a respected Mandalorian clan and became one of its finest warriors. She killed her first foe–an abusive Abyssin mercenary–at the age of eight using an improvised flamethrower. This victory earned her the nickname “firehand” among her clan and marked the beginning of an impressive career as an Imperial bounty hunter. Akaavi captured and killed all manner of targets in her youth, from career criminals to Jedi. When her entire clan was framed for crimes against the Empire and executed, Akaavi alone survived the brutal purge–but her outlook on the galaxy changed forever. With no connection to her Mandalorian heritage, she became a wandering mercenary loyal to no one."

ne of the galaxy’s deadliest warriors, Akaavi Spar will let nothing stand in the way of her and her singular goal: revenge. Born into a respected Mandalorian clan, Akaavi was raised in a culture of honor and warfare. A skilled and resourceful combatant, Akaavi experienced her first taste of combat when she was only a child, slaying an Abyssin mercenary with a makeshift flamethrower.

As her combat prowess grew, Akaavi quickly rose to become one of the Empire’s most elite bounty hunters. Her travels took her to every corner of the known galaxy, and saw her do battle against spice gangs, mercenaries and even Jedi Knights.

When the Empire accused her clan of treason, Akaavi’s clan was abducted and unceremoniously executed. Though she survived the purge, Akaavi vowed revenge against the Empire and dedicated herself to hunting down those responsible. Now she wanders the galaxy as a mercenary for hire, swearing loyalty to no one and doing whatever dirty work she must to get paid.

Akaavi Spar (Iconic)

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