Abbot Song (Iconic)

A ghost with such a strong understanding of the self he was able to stay on the material plane


Male Gu (Chinese Ghost) Kenza 22
Color: Blue/Yellow
Temperament: Melancholic/Supine
Romance: No

Weapon of Choice: Monk’s Staff

Constitution: Nil
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Spirit: 21
Wisdom: 19
Guile: 12
Charisma: 8
Adroitness: 10
Intelligence: 14


Abbot Song was a Spirit Monk and head of the Spirit Monk order at Dirge. He had a close relationship with his mistress, the Water Dragon. As the head Spirit Monk the safety of the Temple of Dirge, the fountains of Dirge, and the physical body of the Water Dragon were his responsibility.
As all Spirit Monks, Abbot Song knew the ritual of binding. He was also aware of the secret passageway leading out of the temple through a well.

The abbot’s weapon of choice was the monk spade which he wielded proficiently. He was also skilled in the martial arts as well. ike the other ghosts of the fallen, Abbot Song’s spirit was unable to reach the Temple of Dirge after Sun Hai sealed its gates. Abbot Song suspected that restoring the fountains of Dirge would allow the gates to open.
“The monks and soldiers who fell during the battle are trapped here in Dirge, caught in a never-ending war. They fight, they fall, only to rise and fall again…. My spirit cannot leave Dirge. None of the spirits here can leave.”
–Abbot Song
During the time after the siege, Abbot Song was one of the many ghosts left tied to Dirge and forced into a battle between the spirits of the Imperial Army and the spirits of the Spirit Monks. He attempted to lead his fellow Spirit Monks out of the battle and free them, but they were unable to see him. Believing himself a failure, Abbot Song left the ghost battle and retreated to a bridge. There he sat with his confidence plummeting, meditating and dissipating any Imperial soldier ghosts who came too close. Finally, if the PC frees him, he will a come with them unto the Material Plane

Personal Quest: He wants to restore some of the other temples in the nation.

Death: He dies fighting against a small army of Gu, who he is able to almost entirely destroy.

Abbot Song (Iconic)

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